Office Fruit with Milk

Veg boxes & fruit boxes to the home

A weekly delivery of fresh fruit and veg is something to consider to ensure the immune system is kept topped up, providing high levels of nutrients, energy and nourishment. So, a weekly delivery of the finest, freshest fruit and veg delivered weekly to your door is a great way to help achieve this and working with growers and suppliers we trust and always pay a fair price to means only the very best is delivered.

Fresh and Seasonal

Office Fruit Delivery

The tastiest varieties, changing every week full of vibrant flavours.

Our Growers

Banana Office Delivery

Treating suppliers fairly is very important to us: we form long-term relationships and pay a fair price.


Low food miles

Grapes Office Delivery

We source the majority of fruit from the UK and Western Europe and our Veg as local as possible. We operate eco-delivery routes

Eco-friendly Delivery & Packaging

Our veg boxes and fruit boxes are delivered straight to your home via carbon neutral logistics. We re-use and recycle as much packaging as possible, and our veg boxes are made from fully recyclable boxes made from carbon neutral board and printed with eco-friendly inks.

Milk and Fruit, Or just Fruit?

Milk can be ordered with or without a fruit box delivery.  Glass bottle milk delivery is available, straight from your local dairy. Keeping food miles low! 

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Its easy to get started, just contact us using the form above and we will call or e-mail you to discuss your requirements and supply a be-spoke quotation for your requirements. 

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