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Office Fruit Delivery

Fresh, seasonal fruit delivered straight to your office or workplace on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis. As a family owned business we are passionate about supplying only the very best produce, and with over 20 years experience we know our onions, and apples and pears and bananas! Looking for office milk deliveries?

Consolidated Invoices | Multi-site Specialist 

Free Delivery & Discounts for Multiple Fruit Baskets

All of our office fruit and office milk deliveries are delivered to your office free of charge. Delivery is included in the price quoted. We can offer significant discounts for multiple basket or larger office milk orders. Please get in touch for a custom quotation


Fruit Basket Contents

Each fruit basket contains around 45 portions of fruit including all of the office favourites such as Apples, Pears, Bananas, Easy Peel Citrus, Plums or Peaches plus Grapes or Blueberries. Exact contents and varieties change with the seasons

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Its easy to get started, just contact us using the form above and we will call or e-mail you to discuss your requirements and supply a be-spoke quotation for your requirements. 

Healthy Care Packages

Office Groceries

We can also supply all of your office groceries from healthy snacks to tea and coffee. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements

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National Fruit and Milk Delivery

We deliver fruit and milk to all major towns and cities across the UK from London, Liverpool and Manchester to Plymouth to Glasgow and Edinburgh

Eco-friendly Fruit

We source our fruit as close to home as possible in order to minimise food miles, use carbon neutral logistics to deliver in and even pack your fruit in boxes made from carbon neutral cardboard printed with eco-friendly inks

Milk and Fruit, Or just Milk?

Milk, sourced directly from your local dairy and delivered to your office can also be supplied – all on one monthly invoice to keep your administration to a minimum.

One Consolidated Invoice

We can supply one consolidated invoice for all of your fruit, milk and office grocery orders for all departments and sites that we supply. 

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