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Office Milk Delivery in Manchester


 Reliable Office Milk Delivery

Delivered straight from our dairy in Stockport,  minimising food miles whilst supplying the local economy.

Very Competitive Pricing- from 58p per pint

We offer very comeptive pricing, especially for the larger milk user whilst still paying a fair price to everybody in the milksupply chain

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Office Milk Delivery Network

All Your Office Milk and Pantry Requirements

Milk and Fruit, Or just Milk?

Milk can be ordered with or without an office fruit box. Our fruit boxes start from just £24.95 including free delivery.

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Traditional Glass Bottle Delivery

Our milk can be delivered to your Manchester office in traditional glass or poly bottles – you decide!

office milk in manchester

Non-dairy Alternatives

We also supply a range of speciality milk, including Soya, Almond and Oat milk.

Office Milk Manchester Soya

Not just milk and fruit, we can delivery all of your office pantry requirements From tea, coffee, sugar and healthy snacks. All can be ordered on a ad-hoc basis or a regular order. In Manchester we delivery Monday to Friday throughout the city. 

Milk Dispensers for Offices and Canteens

If you us a large amount of milk in your Manchester office or workplace it is worth considering a Milk Cooler. These often work out cheaper than traditional glass bottle or plastic milk bottles deliveries and also benefit from great eco-credentials. So, if you do use lots of milk give your companies CSR a boost. The child milk dispensers are easy to maintain and re-fill using a bag-in-box milk re-fill. You can hire or buy from fruit and milk and we can of course supply you with local milk on a regular basis to make sure that your office never runs. dry. 


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Manchester Delivery Fruit and Milk Delivery Areas

Milk Delivery Area Across Greater Manchester



We deliver milk to offices, businesses, schools and nurseries across Greater Manchester, inside the M60 and beyond. Including Oldham, Bolton, Stockport, Trafford Park, Media City, Salford Quays and Leigh. 


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