Milk Dispenser Hire

Milk Dispenser - Free Hire

Hire a milk dispenser for your office, canteen or cafe. Milk dispensers ( or pergals ) are a great, eco-friendly alternative to glass or plastic milk bottle deliveries – drastically reducing the amount of packaging used. 

How do they work?

The unit is refrigerated to keep your milk clean and has an easy to clean construction, a fully removable drip tray and dispense tap.

The milk is replenished with a 13.6 lire or 24 pint bag in box milk pergal re-fill that we can also supply.

Free Hire Offer

Just buy your milk from us and will hire you a machine free of charge! 

A Milk Dispensers for every purpose

Milk Pergal for Care Homes

We can customise your machines with your company logo or branding.

Premium Milk Dispensers

Chilled Milk Dispenser

Our premium milk dispenser, stylish looks with an illuminated display with automatic condensate and defrost and downlighting in the dispensing area. Can be customised with your custom design.

Free to hire or £585.00 to buy

Contact Us

Please contact us and we will help you with your purchase of a milk dispenser and answer any questions you may have. 

Stainless Steel Milk Dispenser

Stainless Milk Dispenser

Maintains milk at the perfect temperature, simple and fast to re-fill, fully removable tap and drip tray for easy cleaning. British made.

Free to hire or £546.00 to buy

People buy milk dispensers for a variety for reasons. At the moment many are purchasing to reduce the amount of contact in handling milk bottles, reducing the risk of virus transmission through the handling of shared milk bottles. 

This is alongside other benefits, they reduce the amount of food miles delivering your milk as less journeys are required, save costs and reduce the amount of plastic waste from traditional milk bottles deliveries.

Why are milk dispensers better than milk bottles?

We also supply fresh milk re-fills - delivered straight from a local dairy.

Milk Dispensers for Cafes, Coffee Shops, Hotels and Offices

In fact, a milk dispenser is ideal for any locations where a large amount of milk is consumed.

Make in Great Britain

Just like all the milk that we deliver our milk dispensers are manufactured in the United Kingdom – keeping our carbon footprint low. 

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About Us

As a family owned business with over 20 years experience we pride ourselves in delivering the finest fruit baskets, milk and office groceries to office across the UK. We are a drinkmilk partner. Drinkmilks’ national milk delivery network allows us to deliver milk, bread, butter and other office groceries straight from your local dairy – keeping food miles low. 

A great eco-friendly alternative to milk bottles!