Fresh Fruit for The Office

Office Fruit Delivery

When it comes to office fruit, everyone has their favorite. Perhaps it is a crisp grape or a juicy satsuma, or maybe something more exotic like a lychee fruit. Whatever your teams’ preferences, we’ll deliver your office fruit, helping to make your office happy and healthy.

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Fruit for the Office

Fruit delivered to your office or business can make your life so much easier if you are the one who has to go to the shop to buy it! No more getting wet in the rain. We have fresh seasonal fruit that’s is all Grade A. It is all sourced as locally and ethically as possible and we have options to cater for all of your teams’ tastes. Those that like a juicy plum or a crisp Royal Gala Apple will not be disappointed. Not only do you benefit, but so will everyone around you. Having a fruit delivery in a basket or a box is a much better option than the usual sugary snacks, cakes and muffins helping your employees on their way to a healthier lifestyle.

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Preferential Pricing for Larger Orders

Larger Office or Multiple Sites? We Deliver Nationally


How much fruit to buy

On average employees eat around 2 pieces of fruit per a week per employee. Some businesses consume much more than this amount, at most typically 6 pieces, and some much less. Regardless, this is a good place to start. Luckily, the amount delivered can be varied as often as you wish. Just 2 days’ notice is asked for in order to ensure that no fruit is wasted. Whilst 2 pieces is somewhat less that the 5 a day recommendation it still represents a positive improvement to many peoples’ diets.

Fruit for your office

Fruit and milk are fast becoming Manchester’s leading office fruit provider right across the city from the city centre, Media City and Salford Quays to Stockport and Oldham, everywhere within the M60 motorway and beyond. Manchester itself, a city with a rich fruit market heritage. 

Fruit can also be delivered nationally to most of the populated areas of the United Kingdom. Fruit for the office not only provides a healthy snack for everyone but will demonstrate to your employees that you care and value them at a comparatively low cost. have a passionate, dedicated team of fruity people with one aim: To provide you with the very best fruit. We are so confident in our service that to service does not include any rolling contracts, we want you to come back because you want to, not because you have to. Plus, should you find any piece of fruit that is not to your expectation we will replenish this without delay. Trust us, our team has over 20 years of experience and deliver fruit from a small trusted group of suppliers and growers.

How to order a fruit basket

Fruit basket deliveries are easy to set up. Simply decide how much fruit you would like us to deliver along with which deliver days Mon to Friday, weekly or fortnightly. Because you don’t have the time, the ordering process and management of your account is made easy. It is a really simple process, and if estimating how much fruit to buy is a bit tricky don’t forget you can call us anytime for guidance. Typically, the more you order the cheaper it will be so do ask for a custom quotation. For businesses with multiple locations then this can be managed with just one monthly invoice.

Of course, for a business named fruit and milk you can expect a milk delivery to your office too. In fact, you can order all your offer office essentials from tea and coffee to bread, butter and healthy snack boxes.

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We can also deliver milk straight from your local dairy.

Why not make your life simpler and combine your office fruit order with an office milk order. As part of the drinkmilk network, milk can be delivered from a dairy local to you with just one monthly invoice. 

national milk delivery

Why an office fruit box?

– Your staff will feel more valued and cared for.

– Helps to promote staff wellbeing and health.

– Improves your corporate image.


– We only use the freshest Grade A fruit available.

– Multi-site national deliveries are our speciality

– No contracts. 100% flexible subscription.


Nuts are handled in the building the fruit boxes are packed. Due to our packing process,  re-use of boxes and supply chain there is a risk of cross-contamination from these, and all other allergens.If you have an allergy, unfortunately our products are not suitable for you.Please wash all fruit before eating.