Huddersfield and Halifax Fruit Delivery

We are Huddersfields leading Fruit Delivery Company. We deliver fruit boxes direct to office and workplaces  Each of our fruit baskets  is bursting with easy to eat fruit, ideal for keeping your team happy and motivated. Deliveries can be made daily, weekly or bi-weekly.

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Our Fruit

We hand select each piece of fruit and choose the varieties in our fruit baskets and fruit boxes for taste. We can deliver to your office daily, weekly or on a fortnightly basis.

Our Fruit

Each box contains a selection of seasonal fruit including bananas, pears, apples, kiwi fruit, plums, clemantines or satsumas, in the summertime peaches and nectarines will be added.

Areas we deliver

We deliver our fruit to offices and workplaces across Huddersfield, Halifax, Brighouse, Dewsbury and Bradford. Through our partner business we can also arrange deliveries to offices across England, Scotland and Wales

Huddersfield and Halifax Office fruit map

Why an Office Fruit Delivery?

What better alternative to today’s world of caffeine-loaded sugary drinks and chocolate to increase your teams energy levels than a healthy supply of fresh, seasonal fruit in the office? The natural sugars in fruit will help you teams stay active and motivated throughout the day.

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Office Milk Delivery

Office Milk can be delivered on a daily or weekly basis from our partner business The milk will be delivered from a local dairy, minimising food mile. We can combine you payments so that you receive just one monthly invoice for your office fruit and milk.

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