Bananas can be supplied in various stages of ripeness and sizes. Bananas are available in standard 18.14kg wholesale banana boxes or we also supply bananas with smaller fingers – ideal for the little ones.  

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Bananas and Milk for Schools

Bananas for schools, milk for schools? Fruit and milk offer very competitive pricing, daily deliveries can supply schools and nurseries across the UK with milk straight from a dairy that is close to your school. And, its not just Bananas we can supply all of your fruit and veg to keep all the children and the staff full pepped up.

Part of drinkmilk.co.uk – The UK’s milk delivery network, delivering 100% British milk from a local dairy to your office.

bananas for schools in a box

Milk Dispensers for Canteens

Milk Dispenser

If you are a large user of milk a Bag-in-box milk dispenser is the ideal solution to cut down your carbon footprint whilst reducing packaging and food miles.

Apples, Bananas, Clems

clementines in a box with leaves

It is not just Bananas that are delivered to schools and nurseries but also any fruit you wish, from easy peel clems to tasty conference pears. 

Ultra Reliable Delivery

Manchester office milk

Milk delivered to schools can be delivered in any format that you wish. Some schools prefer the smaller plastic bottles whilst others opt for 24 pint milk pergals.

school delivery map of UK

Eco-friendly School Milk Delivery Solution

As part of Drinkmilk – The UK’s Milk Delivery Network we cover around 85% of the UK’s population. We deliver milk from local partner dairies straight to your school or nursery so we keep food miles low. 

One Consolidated Invoice

We can supply one consolidated invoice for all of your fruit, milk and office grocery orders for all departments and sites that we supply. 

Non-dairy Alternatives & Office Pantry Supplies

Alpro Coconut

We can supply non-dairy milk alternatives with your daily milk order such as Soya, Oat and Almond milk along with all your office groceries including Tea, Coffee, Bread, Butter and Healthy Snacks. Please get in touch for further information. All items can be consolidated onto one monthly invoice.

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Its easy to get started, just contact us using the form above and we will call or e-mail you to discuss your requirements and supply a be-spoke quotation for your requirements. 

Competitive Pricing and Discounts for Larger Orders

national milk delivery

As a drinkmilk partner, our bulk buying and the efficiencies this brings allows us to offer very competitive pricing, especially for the larger orders whilst ensuring we pay a fair price to everybody in the supply chain.

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